giovedì 13 dicembre 2012

A walk in fantasy part II: Kings of War!

As I've said, I'm basically a history fan, but, as Latins said "semel in anno licet insanire" (once in a year you are allowed to get insane ...) and sometime I play fantasy, in order to use my painted fantasy miniatures.
In those few cases I used to play Warhammer Fantasy Battles, but I found that these rules are better suited for "strong" fantasy gamers, because you have to memorize a lot of rules: general rules, special rules, weapons rules, army rules and so on ... too much for an occasional fantasy player, especially if he wants to introduce to wargame his girlfriend ...
Some month ago I've discovered the Mantic universe.
Mantic Games is a relatively new producer of fantasy miniatures and games; the non - declared but quite clear goal is to become a reliable alternative to Games Workshop, without the mistakes of this last one.
So: good quality miniatures but not as expensive as the the GW ones, free and simple rules.
I've bought a boxed game: Mhorgoth's revenge (Skeletons vs Dwarves), which is one of the basic sets of Mantic's fantasy strategic game, named Kings of War.

Well, I've to say that the fantasy frame is not so deep as the GW one, but here you have 100 miniatures for 40 Euros!
Speaking of quality, the package is very cheap (but the GW one is not better!), but the miniatures are very nice, especially the Undeads; the Dwarves are good too, but here you have less variability of poses.


Fantasy races are very different to GW ones: skeletons are thinner,  more detailed and more armed, dwarves have more legs (!) and shorter beards.

Skeleton Troop (spears)
Dwarf Ironwatch Troop (by Monica)
I have to say that in fantasy Dwarves I personally don't like modern - like rifles (as Mantic suggests), but you have the choice to glue more traditional crossbows, so it is not a problem!
The rules are very simple and straightforward; they have been written by Alessio Cavatore, who has been one of the best rule designers for GW before working for Mantic.
In conclusion, I think that if fantasy miniature gaming is the scope of your life, WFB is still the best choice, because the game has a unique deepness and complexity, but if you just like to sometime paint fantasy miniatures and if you are just interested to seldom play fantasy battles with your friends, KoW is a very, very good choice.

Skeleton Troop (blades)

Revenant Troop
Revenant Cavalry Troop