sabato 19 novembre 2011

Lepanto 1571

Today a slightly different topic.
In a foggy day in Venice, we have refought the battle of Lepanto, which has been fought between the "Holy League" (including Genova, Venezia, Spain, the Pope, etc.) and the Turkish Empire in 1571.
We have used my rules "Capitano da Mar" (Captain of the Sea, the name of the Admiral in the Republic of Venice), which I have developed for this particular period of naval warfare between galleys.
The outcome of the battle has been surprisingly historical: the Christian right wing was near to collapse, but the centre of the Holy League was able to capture the enemy flagship and to kill the Turkish Admiral, Alì Pashà, then the Turkish fleet took the flight.
Very nice Langton models, owned by my friend Gianni.
Take a look!

The Turkish centre

The opposing fleets

The central match

Christian flagship

The outcome: the Turkish flagship burning!