martedì 9 ottobre 2012

A walk in fantasy part I: Dreadfleet!

Sometime I like to flee form historical wargame and to fly to fantasy world, where I'm free to build, to paint and to invent without the frame of the historical reconstruction.
This time I've been fascinated by the GW naval fantasy wargame, Dreadfleet, and I've decided to buy the game.

Someone says that it's expensive, but I don't think so.
I don't agree with the GW market policy, because, generally speaking,  their kits are too much expensive and they change their rules too fastly in order t maximize their profits.
But their quality is out of debate, and this is the point in the case of Dreadfleet.
I can't judge the rules, because I've never played the game so far.
But I've been very impressed by the design and the quality of the models.
First of all the design: the ships are wonderful!
Someone better, someone worse, but the ships are a MUST for everyone who loves fantasy ships!
They are beautiful, full of personality and rich of details and references to their fantasy world.
In terms of quality, they are very well realized: the multiple parts fit very well each other and the moulding quality is simply perfect.
All the pieces are perfectly clear and precise.
The price: someone could say that 90 Euros are too much for a boxed game, but this is not only a boxed game!
At the moment I've put together and painted just two ships, the admirals of the fleets: the "good" Heldenhammer and the "bad" Bloody Reaver.
I'm not fast in modelling, and I've not a lot of spare time, but making each of these ships has taken to me not less than one month!
They are very detailed and complex to paint, and their quality is so high that it's a pity don't reserving to them the right amount of time.
So, if you consider Dreadfleet just a game (and it is NOT) probably 90 Euros are too much, but if you consider Dreadfleet a kit the price is right: if you have a work and/or a family and your spare time is never enough, building and mainly painting Dreadfleet will take a year of your life!
And 90 Euros are not so much for a year of fun!
My first two models (and the island, wrecks etc.) are not totally finished, but take a look: I had to put in the field all my modelling skills, but I'm quite happy with them.